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SESCO llc is set on the national and international market in the following four sectors:
  • Public works
  • Transport
  • Supplies
  • Computer Services

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Sesco has a dynamic and streamlined organizational and operational structure based on highly specialized professionals who operate according to European quality standards.

Wo We Are

Société d'Etudes-Services-Construction [Company for studies and building services], ''SESCO Sarl'' [SESCO llc] in short is a Congolese merchantile company with a decade-
experience, which invests in the Democratic Republic of Congo in strategic sectors of great interest, economic and infrastructure. Thanks also to the assistance and satisfaction of Congolese managers who are involved with performance in the financial, industrial and tourist sectors.
The head office of SESCO llc is located in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, where the company is distinguished by its dynamism, its innovation, its simplicity and especially by its easy integration in all the provinces of the country.
It is recognized at the national and international level thanks to its brilliant cooperation. It is a Company that offers its decisive contribution in the world of construction (especially in civil engineering works), in the project and feasibility studies as well as in the supply of materials.
Infact, SESCO llc offers outstanding Services and Products in terms of quality and
originality, thanks to the continuous trust it receives from its European Partners.

Public works

Sesco's core business has always been the construction of public and private infrastructure. The quality of its design and its ability to implement projects quickly and, above all, on time, have made Sesco a reliable partner for the public and private administrations that have commissioned its work in recent years.
Opere Pubbliche Congo Sesco
Trasporti Congo Sesco


Sesco has extensive experience in the field of transport and shipping. Participation in tenders and managing deliveries of materials, mainly from foreign countries, has enabled Sesco to acquire considerable experience in the field of international shipments, both by air and by sea. Sesco offers safe, reliable and competitively priced shipments.


Moreover, Sesco thanks to the international business relationships it has built up in recent years, is very active in the field of tendering for the supply of materials to the main public structures in the DRC. In particular, Sesco has won numerous contracts for the supply of generators, electrical cabins, IT equipment and office furniture.
Forniture Congo Sesco
Servizi Informatici Congo Sesco

IT services

Sesco offers its experience in applying technology to solve business problems. It offers both processes that ensure the management of different services in an efficient and adequate manner with the business requirement, as well as the provision of technical support, maintenance, security testing and management tasks of different devices and digital processes.
Trasporti Spedizioni internazionali Congo Africa
Congo Costruzioni Grandi Progetti

Major Project

As we have therefore clearly aformentioned, the experience and the competence have made SESCO llc a reference point in projects related to the various sectors of intervention such as: Projects and Constructions, Roads, Hospitals, Buildings, Industries, Bridges, Tunnels, Dikes, Power lines, Aqueduct, Hydroelectric power plants.
Ngaliema Clinic
- Construction of a new building.
- Supply and installation of a modern and complete refrigerated mortuary, with all
accessories (Dated 26 November 2011).
- Training of the staff with a specialist’s help.
Congo Sesco costruzioni trasporti forniture

Il Team

Sesco's organizational structure is small, dynamic and based on professionals who have
been working as a team for over a decade.

Fortunata Ciaparrone
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Jeannot Binanu
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Kinshasa/RD Congo

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About Us

With more than 20 years of experience, we work with concrete actions and competitiveness for the growth and economic prosperity of a country of the future with exceptional resources and business opportunities, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo.


18, Roi Baudouin Commune de la Gombe
Kinshasa/RD Congo

J353, V.OCH - Commune de Moungali 3
Brazzaville/République du Congo