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Sesco specializes in studies and projects related to various intervention and feasibility sectors.
The company is engaged in particularly to the construction industry that of civil engineering, construction of public buildings, residential and industrial buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, hydroelectric dams, construction of HT power lines, construction or renovation of MT and BT power stations.

She also specializes in the import and export of various supplies both regular and very high sensitivities, generators of all powers and other materials.

All this is done in compliance with ISO standards that require quality, reliability and originality of these products. This is why the choice is oriented on European products to ensure safety and reliability in delivery and being on the cutting edge of technology. The main areas affected are the primary sector and the development of the supply of medical equipment, generators, the river navigation equipment, computer equipment, office equipment, rolling stock. The company invests in several areas it considers interesting such as finance, industry and tourism through cooperation of the Congolese parties.

SESCO Sarl participation in various national and international call rates is one of the main sources of its markets. The preparation of these tenders enables the Company to provide quality services with regard to maintenance after the sale. The after sales service is provided by a dynamic team of qualified technicians (engineers and architects) involved in SESCO Sarl.

Mission Statement

We will persevere in action and competitiveness, stronger than a decade of experience, achievements and economic prosperity in a country the resources and unique opportunities, which is the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Country dreamed of by all, heartened by the efforts of the authorities to improve the social and economic relations and enable growth through the modernization of the state.
Our network of partners around the world, our machines and equipment, the determination of our qualified staff ... everything to offer quality service to international standards.
Fortunata Ciaparrone (CEO)


Where we are

  • Address:
    SESCO Sarl: 18, Roi Baudouin
    Commune de la Gombe
    Kinshasa/RD Congo

    SESCO-RC Sarlu: J353, V.OCH
    Commune de Moungali 3
    Brazzaville/République du Congo
  • Tel: (+243) 099 035 50 52
  • Tel: (+243) 081 222 00 08
  • Tel: (+243) 099 714 97 73
  • Fax: (+243) 099 714 97 73
  • Email Id: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Website: www.sesco.it

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